ECA Approved Supplier

UK Government has been providing tax discounts the companies who is supplying their goods from the ECA Confirmed List. The systems need to pass challenging energy consumption tests to enter this list.

We successfully entered our company’s products to this list with precise R&D studies at our test rooms.

For furthermore details and energy data’s for our systems please visit below link.


Precise Environmentalism

While we are producing, we are also using equipments and technologies harmless to the environment. We are doing not of words but of deeds enviromentalism for our solution partners.

Energy Saving Systems

We are using the energy saving systems to increase our customer’s profitability.

Some of the soultions that we provide to our customers are;

LED lighting, Energy Saving Fans, Sliding Covers, Doors, Night Blinds, Periodical Working Heating Coils, Electronical Expansion Valve, Remote Control Service System

A Friend To Nature

We are not only friend with our customers but also with the nature.

Besides the manufacturing processes, we are expecting our employers to be careful with their carbon footprints.